UI Kit: Shopify Placeholder Images

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Have you wished you had Shopify placeholder images that were filled shapes instead of line art?

We did, so we created them. Now we're sharing! Just add to cart, complete checkout, then download the kit.

  • Filled Shapes. Ditch the outlines that conflict with page text and embrace the more realistic feel of filled shapes.
  • PNG and SVG files. Choose the format that integrates best into your workflow. Each image is provided as a 1x PNG, 2x PNG, and SVG file.
  • Adobe Illustrator source file. All individual images are built as clean greyscale vectors on separate artboards. Customize to align with your brand or storefront.

The kit includes:

  • 18 product images
  • 6 collection images
  • 2 lifestyle images
  • 1 generic image
  • 2 logos, one black and one white

Each image is provided three ways: SVG, 1x PNG, and 2x PNG.

The Adobe Illustrator vector source file is also included.

This UI Kit is ideal for:

  • Designers creating wireframes for Shopify stores
  • Shop owners or anyone who needs product placeholder images as they build their store

These images are not intended to replace the SVGs provided by Shopify for theme developers.

We like these placeholders because when we use solid filled shapes, images become more distinct from the text content in layouts. They simulate real images better than line art does, and the shapes don't visually interfere with lines created by text on a page.

Yes! Our images were created in greyscale for use in low-fidelity wireframes. But we provide the original Adobe Illustrator vector source file, as well as individual SVGs, when you download the kit. You can customize the vectors as needed for your projects.

Yes! We creates these for our own use, and we're happy to share with the community.

if you like and use this UI kit, tips are appreciated

Greyscale wireframe of home page layout using UI Kit placeholder images.